An Enchanted Evening At Foyles


Dragons, villains, castles and damsels in distress have always been features of many a fairytale for the last two centuries thanks to the Brothers Grimm. To mark this outstanding contribution, Friday evening saw a gregarious gaggle of guests take respite from the sub-zero temperatures at the Gallery on the 3rd floor of Foyles Bookstore on Charing Cross Road. Celebrating 200 years of Grimms’ stories, the hidden venue served as the perfect backdrop for the exhibition of artwork paying homage to the classic fairy tales. Funded by IdeasTap and curated by Emma Block, the exhibition features the works of seven illustrators offering varying takes on well-known childhood favourites such as Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and other lesser-known tales including The Wren and The Bear and The Golden Bird.


Girl without hands (Das Mädchen ohne Hände)
Natsuki Otani, watercolour

Watercolours, ink and print techniques have been represented in this exhibition ensuring there is something to suit all tastes – as was the offerings of retro beverages such as cream soda and fresh homemade lemonade at the event. The capsule collection of artistry and the diverse interpretations put forward by the different illustrators, makes this an eclectic, must-see exhibition.

Natsuki Otani, watercolour


The works of Emma Block, Emmeline Pidgen, Karolin Schnoor, Laura Barrett, Lesley Barnes, Natsuki Otani and Yelena Bryksenkova will be on show until Friday 7th December and with pieces priced between £40 – £120, aficionados seeking to build up their pre-existing or non-existent art collections can snap up one or more of what is sure to later be collectables.

Emma Block (left) and Emmeline Pidgen (right)

Snow White (Schneewitchen)
Emma Block, mixed media



Flags, Little Briar Rose (Dornröschen)
Lesley Barnes, archival print


The Twelve Dancing Princesses (Die zertanzten Schuhe)
Laura Barrett, gold ink on archival paper


Sleeping beauty (Dornröschen)
Yelena Bryksenkova