Sarah Rosado – Fashion Illustrator

Last September, Sketchbook Magazine celebrated London Fashion Week’s homage to the iconic Disney character, Minnie Mouse. A whimsical collaboration of a collection by designers such as  Giles Deacon, Richard Nicoll and Katie Hillier were unveiled during LFW before being auctioned off on eBay for charity Fashion Arts Foundation.

During this time, Sketchbook magazine called on all creatives to participate in Sketchbook’s first competition post re-launch, Minnie Goes to London Fashion Week. Illustrators submitted their own interpretation of a fashion illustration inspired by the wonderful Minnie.  A total of 13 submissions were selected for voting, whereby the illustration that received the highest number of likes on our Facebook page was selected as the winner.

The winner of the Minnie Goes to London Fashion Week, by 771 likes, was the talented Sarah Rosado who we finally caught up with for an exclusive feature on her work.

“Minnie mouse lovers can enjoy their favorite character with inspirational attire that’s playful and at the same time fashionable. I created two outfits that can be used for either a daytime social gathering or a fun night out in the town,” Sara Rosado.

The Winning Illustration by Sara Rosado


Where do you find your initial inspiration for your artwork? 

My inspiration for my artwork is spontaneous.  Throughout my daily activites I may come across something that catches my attention and I incorporate some of those ideas with my current projects.

How do you like to collect and document your ideas and inspiration for your illustrations? I collect ideas from different sources, such as, the internet, social media, the environment, fashion trend and nature. During those time when I draw just for the heck of it, I’m surprised to find that the artwork reveals my personal feelings and mood.   

What is your studio space like and how important is it for your creativity? Actually, I have a separate room in the house that I use specifically when working on an artwork project. Being able to work for hours uninterrupted without any interference is important to me because it keeps me focused on what I’m doing.  Music is also an important role in my creativity so I always listen to music when I’m drawing.

How much does your photographic work inspire your drawings? Do your illustrations ever spark ideas for your photography work? 

My photographic work and my drawings are used separately. When I’m doing photography I focus on thought provoking images and creativity. When I’m drawing, my focus is on humor, attitude and girl power. In regards to whether my illustrations ever spark ideas for my photography work, I would say, it’s the other way around.  In creating illustrations I use both my photographic work and drawings  to come up with a really unique image.

Are there any digital illustrators which inspire you? I have so many of them but the main one that inspires me is Jason Levesque. His digital illustrations are amazing with a touch of similarities to the type of illustrations that I have created.


How do you feel your distinctive style has evolved and what do you feel has influenced the way you draw? My distinctive style has evolved through many years Of practice and the use of different software programs that gave me the flexibility that I needed to create better results in my artwork. It was this transition from pencil to computer drawing that influenced the way I draw.





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