The Obai & Hill Talk at UNIDO

Editor-in-Chief of Sketchbook Magazine and Founder and Creative Director of Obai & Hill, Wafa Alobaidat, delivered a lecture to UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) Batch 69 entrepreneurship program. UNIDO aims to teach people to be successful entrepreneurs and business owners at any age. UNIDO invites successful business owners and entrepreneurs to speak about their careers to the students. Wafa spoke about her career path journey to twenty-five budding future Bahraini entrepreneurs ranging from the age of 24 to 60 at the UNIDO Headquarters in Seef District.

Obai & HIll Presentation

Wafa began speaking about her studies and work experience in London. An Interior Design Major, Wafa emphasized how people aren’t required to work in the same field that they have studied. She is an example of that. She explained how she created Sketchbook Magazine and started her own PR and design agency Obai & Hill with a passion she still has today. She recommends future entrepreneurs to plan their businesses, to find good investors, and to build relationships with clients and the press. She added that creating an operations manual for a workplace is essential in ensuring a business runs smoothly. She believes an operations manual is important for employees to learn about the company’s working environment and procedures such as the dress code for meeting a client.

Wafa Speaking


UNIDO Students