“Impressions, not Calculations” by Linda Mattar

Linda Mattar is a self-taught Bahraini artist who presented a series called “Impressions, not Calculations” part of Albareh Art Gallery’s “Preludes”. Preludes is a series of exhibitions that glimpse into the world of various unique Bahraini artists. Linda Mattar’s series of paintings conclude her journey through the calculative mind of an architect to reach the purest point of architectural impression. The curator of Preludes, Mo Reda, mentored Linda Mattar for this exhibition.


Linda Mattar


Tell me about your “Impressions, not Calculations” exhibit.
My exhibition revolves around mixing architecture and art because I’m an architect by profession, and my passion is art. I wanted my exhibition to show my impressions about my background in architecture and my love for art.


What made you become an artist?
 I have always loved art in general. I love anything related to art. Being an architect, I have always had strong ties with art such as sketching. I wanted a new form of art to express myself and canvas became the easiest medium to apply all the thoughts I wanted to convey through painting on canvas.




As an artist, what inspires you? What inspired tonight’s exhibition?
For this particular exhibition, I was inspired by geometry, art and calligraphy. I really love calligraphy and wanted to incorporate geometric shapes and show my background in architecture, while conveying the impressions of myself as an artist.


Are you going to sell your artworks?
I hope to be able to sell my artworks here at Albareh Art Gallery. This is just the beginning.




Linda Mattar’s “Impressions, not Calculations” Exhibition is at Albareh Art Gallery until Saturday, March 9, 2013.


  • Manoj Vati

    Hi Linda,It is Great!!!!,you have a bright future