Hekayat by Alia and Abeer Oraif

Alia and Abeer Oraif, Saudi designers, sisters, owners and founders of the “Hekayat” brand are on a mission to change the design of the Abaya so it meets the standards of the international fashion lines, and to add an amazing elegance and style to the wearer’s appearance.



Alia Oraif, a mother and a wife and a bachelors degree holder in nutrition from king Abdul-Aziz University in Jeddah; and has also acquired certificate in flower and plants arrangements from the Community Services and Continuous Education Center at the university.

With a strong passion for fashion designing, Abeer Oraif believes in her taste and draws her inspiration from all things beautiful in her life. Abeer holds a bachelor degree in International Business Management from king Abdul-Aziz University in Jeddah. She lived in London and participated in several programs and workshops in the fields like English, photography, and cosmetics; and works as a beauty and fashion consultant.


What is the concept behind this collection?

Beauty is not what’s obvious, its what’s hidden. There is that which glares at you; and is attractive yet overdone, and then there is the mysterious and subtle that holds you captive.

We gave our second collection for Hekayat 2013 the name, “la duchesse,” with the quote:

Without you, there would be no need for this empire that lies at your footsteps, without treachery, there would be no appreciation for loyalty – the Duchess.


What makes you different from other fashion brands?

Hekayat’s Abaya is a unique project that elevates the Abaya design industry to a new level. It reflects the modern life while keeping with the values of the culture.


Why did you call the brand Hekayat?

Every woman has a story, and every woman should have her own unique and elegant style. We’ve introduced a Abaya that embraces beauty and style. We believe that without a story, there is no brand. Stories make brands stronger so customers remember it.


What do you hope to achieve with this line?

Our ambition is to elevate the standards of the gulf abayas through designs that reflect high precision, standards, and quality. We also aim to see our brand in international fashion shows and celebrities wearing them as elegant day wear.


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