Illustrator’s Portfolio 151: Jessica Townsend

1. Jessica-Townsend-I-Love-Candy

Age: 33

Nationality: English

Living in: London

 2. Jessica-Townsend-When-In-Doubt-Eat-Cake

What is in your sketchbook?

An eclectic mix of things! I love working with type, drawing children’s characters and fashion illustrations so I tend to have a stock pile of vastly different drawings most of which get used later to form part of a new illustration. It also houses notes on ideas for stories, or new projects.

3. Jessica-Townsend-Italian-Illustration

Where do you illustrate?

A mixture of the office / studio, the sofa and sometimes even on the floor! I like to spread out and I will work with the light box on the floor, as this is the most comfortable option.

4. Jessica-Townsend-Tea-and-Birds

What inspires your work?

It probably sounds totally cliché but I am very inspired by other illustrators. My friend Alexandra Ball has just produced some amazing illustrations for a children’s book and I find her work really inspiring because her characters and compositions are brilliant.

6. Jessica-Townsend-Make-up-2

I also love Hennie Haworth’s hand drawn style. I am hugely inspired by pattern and surface design and have just started in partnership with Wallpapered selling my designs as wallpaper, which is a really exciting venture. I have recently signed up to Pintrest, which is an awesome visual record of your inspiration.

8. Jessica-Townsend-Girl-with-a-Curl

 What music do you listen to?

I have a very broad musical taste from classical or chill out to cheesy pop, which is my ultimate guilty pleasure! It’s dependent on my mood and whether or not I feel like a good old fashioned sing song or if I need to focus then it will be background music or nothing at all.

7. Jessica-Townsend-I-do-like-to-be-beside-the-seaside

What did you have for breakfast?

I am a total toast addict and of course breakfast isn’t complete without a lovely cup of tea, which is without doubt the best way to start the day!

5. Jessica-Townsend-Perfume-Illustration

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