Illustrators Portfolio 152: Velwyn Yossy


Age: 26

Nationality: Indo-Chinese American

Living in: Los Angeles (although I’d love to stay with my boyfriend in London)


What is in your sketchbook?

Since most of my works are done digitally, instead of having a sketchbook, I usually do some gestural scribbles and a lot of observational writings on a random sheet of paper or the back of a receipt that I found.


What do you illustrate?

I generally do concept art as a living but lately I’ve been enjoying the creative process of fashion illustration with editorial concept based on a recent collection or a runway show.


Where do you illustrate?

Mostly at home or café.


What inspires your work?

There are so many things that I find inspiring, I try to observe as much as I could from conceptual fashion photography or some gestural movement of contemporary dancers, I also get inspired by architecture work from someone like Zaha Hadid and obscure phenomenon in the nature that I find captivating. Above all, I like to feel some mood and strength in the things I see, they can be subdued or melancholic yet they have to speak some kind of emotion to me.


What music do you listen to?

I really enjoy soul funk, acid-nu jazz, shibuya kei and deep house, but sometimes when I’m in the mood, I could also listen to video games soundtrack or someone like Bjork.


What did you have for breakfast?

I had spicy basmati rice with vegetables and green tea, not the usual thing you would eat in the morning but I think I love spicy food too much.








To see more of Velwyn’s work, visit her portfolio, tumblr, Facebook page, pinterest, or follow her on twitter @Velwyn.