Wafa AlObaidat Speaks at Kanoo International School

Sketchbook Editor in Chief, Wafa AlObaidat gave a lecture on Entrepreneurship to a group of 60 12th graders from Kanoo International School on Tuesday, providing the students with insights into her experiences as a young entrepreneur while studying abroad.


The lecture was part of an event organized by members of AISEC, a youth-led leadership group, to provide students with inspiration for choosing career paths and how to pursue them.

Ms AlObaidat spoke about her life as a student in the UK, sharing stories about her first internship at 18 years old; and the events that eventually led to the establishment of her own two companies, Sketchbook Magazine and Obai & Hill Agency.

The importance of hard work and resilience was emphasised in the lecture, with Ms Alobaidat stressing that it’s entirely possible to pursue your passions as long as the dedication is there.