Illustrator’s Portfolio 155: Giulio Iurissevich



Age: ageless

Nationality: Italian

Living in: Italy



What is in your sketchbook?

Faces, phrases, dreams, abstract images, dogs or flowers.




Where do you illustrate?

Everywhere, in my studio a,through the fields and through the trees, in the countryside where I spend most of my time




What inspires your work? 

This is a good question, it is very difficult to answer. At one time I would have said to be inspired only by women, by nature, and life. The story that everyone tells through his or her face, or body. By emotions, and images of the mind. Now I have discovered that what I do actually comes from elsewhere, and only when I’m away with the thought all this emerges.Good Things probably best come out from this break, from this absence, without thoughts. Sometimes it’s the dream that inspires me. I have found that it is more difficult to play with the absence of inspiration when you are commissioned and deadlines are tight. But also, the best commissioned work comes out when playing without calculation, when you can work with ease. Freedom is creating a space between thoughts.Most beautiful works are always a perfect accident, authentic, spontaneous, and uncontrollable. This is inspiration for me.




What music do you listen to?

I love music. It’s my life. I like electro, minimal, IDM, techno, punk, rock, metal, darkwave, dance, screamo, and classical.




What did you have for breakfast?

Coffee as usual




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