A Patron of Talents




In recent years, local talent has been treated as a treasure, coveted – and in some cases – favored by those who appreciate the time, effort and passion infused into the work. Entrepreneur, Farah bint Khalid Al Kahlifa has done more than many to fulfill her duty towards the unsung local artists and designers. After opening Pink Diamond in 2007, and providing selective trendy items from different categories: Jeweler, Fashion Clothing, Baby items and Home Accessories she broadened her idea to Green Diamond. Sketchbook sat down with Farah to learn more about her boutiques and why she decided to be a patron of talents.



Dina Gildeh


Where did the idea for Pink Diamond come from?

I graduated with a Masters in Computer Science but later realized that I don’t want to work in Computers anymore. I wanted something else. I liked shopping online, I liked looking for things that were different and ordering them for my sisters and my mom. Then I thought, “Why not start a business?” And so Pink Diamond was born in December of 2007.

I wanted to start small to see how people would react to the shop and people’s reaction was amazing! They liked the idea and it eventually became popular in the gulf and on Facebook!



FMM by Fatima Al Mulla


How did Green Diamond start and why?

After seeing the success of Green Diamond and mainly because I saw that there was so much talent in the area that don’t have enough support for their work. When you start a business or want to sell products you have to pay for rent, electricity, etc, it’s allot!

The idea behind green diamond is to help local talent by displaying their products, work and art so they see how people react to these products. They also learn what the customers like to further benefit from the shop.


FMM by Fatima Al Mulla

What has the reaction to Green Diamond been like?

It’s becoming bigger and bigger extending to other gulf countries. So many designers in the gulf who are interested in showing their work in our boutiques have contacted me.  When I get emails or calls from designers asking to display their products at Green Diamond I know I’ve made an impact.



Explain to our readers the differences between both boutiques.

Pink Diamond focuses more on gift items and children’s products from all over the world. With Green Diamond I wanted a place that could represent the talents in the area. Somewhere that can be their own safe haven.



FMM by Fatima Al Mulla


What are your future plans for the boutiques?

I am thinking of having sister boutiques in the Gulf. Not my own boutiques there because it might be hard to manage, but rather collaborating or partnering with other boutiques in other Gulf countries and providing Green Diamond products to our customers nearer to them. There’s also been suggestions and ideas thrown around about extending to a men’s Black or Blue Diamond boutique providing unique products for men, but for now I want to focus on the boutiques and, god willing, I will consider these ideas.

I also want to eventually somehow showcase the designers work globally. I’m always looking for people with good quality exceptional work in order to someday participate in exhibitions in Europe or the States to show the world that we also can provide good products.


Green Diamond is located in West Riffa, Bahrain. Click here to visit their site and shop online!