COMPETITION: Submissions are in for a week long voting!

A huge thank you to all the illustrator’s who entered our Sketch Your Favorite Blogger competition! All the submissions we’ve gotten have done nothing less but impress us!

Remember, the illustration with the highest number of likes will be the winner so head to our Facebook page to “like” your favourite illustration and cast your vote!

Voting will close on Thursday May 23rd.

Good luck everybody!



Mariska- The Bloggers Issue

Mariska Carvalho’s interpretation of Weesha

This is Mariska’s interpretation of plus size fashion blogger Weesha who will show her readers that they dont need to conform to stereotypes when is comes to fashion and life. Click here to see more of Weesha’s blog.




Anwar Behbehani’s interpretation of Olivia Lopez

Anwar came across Olivia Lopes as he was searching for a blogger to draw from; and after going through his old favourites. Anwar believes that in fashion bloggers, what captures the eye the most isn’t how awesome the outfit is at first, but how strong the image is that it attracts the viewer. He loves how how her bold her look was along with the freshness of her photo’s and poses. To see more of Olivia’s blog, click here.



Zoe Vadi

Illustration by Zoe Vadi

Zoe chose to illustrate Cara Delevingne who is ofter seen in Terry Richardson’s blog. She appreciates his posts on his daily work showing shootings of several fashion magazines. To see more of the blog click here.




Yaz Raja’s interpretation of Winnie Detwa

In this illustration Yaz decided to illustrate Winnie Detwa as one of her favorite fashion blogger. To see Winnie’s blog click here.



Kami Anderson

Kami Anderson’s interpretation of Bip Ling

Kami chose Bip Ling for her submission as her favorite blogger alongside her beloved ‘Mooch’. She expresses that Bip Ling, like her, is a renaissance girl and her interests lie in many areas. To see Bip Ling’s blog click here.



Björn Öberg

Illustration by Björn Öberg

One of the most unusual and querky sumbissions come to us from Björn, who chose to pay tribute  to a Swedish blog dedicated to the style, cultivation and grooming of every man’s most important accessory – the beard. To see more of Skagg Bloggen, click here.



Abrar Zankawi

Abrar Zankawi’s interpretation of Chiara Ferragni

Abrar chose Italian fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, or the Blonde Salad, for her submission. The outfit illustrated is actually one of the outfits the blogger has worn. To see the blog click here.

Maya's interpretation of Ghida Arnout

Maya’s interpretation of Ghida Arnout


Maya Smadi chose Ghida Arnout from the Monkey See Monkey do blog. She showcase her because she’s more than a pretty face in a funky outfit and her blog is rich with excellent music and inspiring outfits. Click here to see more of her blog.



Zahraa’s interpitation of Style Guru’s Batool Al Shaikh

Zahraa Dagher chose Batool Al Shaikh from the Style Guru blog, in her polka-dotted chiffon skirt from her fashion line ‘June Bahrain’. To see Batool’s blog click here.


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