Illustrator’s Portfolio 157: Valerie Servais



Age: 22

Nationality: Belgian/American/Thai

Living in: London



What is in your sketchbook?

If I have one, it’s usually just research & photos stuck inside to have a sort of mood board. I don’t really have a sketchbook to draw in because I like to work on individual sheets of paper at a time. With a sketchbook I’m always thinking of the next page instead of concentrating on the page I’m working on!




Where do you illustrate?

At home or my friend’s apartment that has a lot of space. Her and her flatmates are artist from other fields so the work atmosphere is quite inspiring.


Valerie_Servais_street style_illustrations


What inspires your work?

I’m a big fan of Egon Schiele! What inspires me are things like, octopus eggs and neurons images with fluorescence microscopy.



What music do you listen to?

That really depends on what mood I’m in! But my flatmate believes I listen to ‘whiny’ music. Today I’ve listened to The Knife, Cocorosie, Jonsi, Sebastien Tellier, Caribou, and Ratatat.




What did you have for breakfast?

Greek yogurt with toasted muesli and fruit.


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