Illustrator’s Portfolio 158: AP Bestari

(7) Latte



Age: 29

Nationality: Indonesian

Living in: Jakarta


(9) Coinjoined Twins

Coinjoined Twins


What is in your sketchbook? Doodles, watercolour splash, my thoughts, things to do, but I dont use a sketchbook much.


Tegan &Sara

Where do you illustrate? I do illustrate in my room, and I do it at late of night after my baby goes sleep. Its hard to illustrate in other places,  maybe it’s just because I need to be lonely to boost  my mood and ideas.

(6) Illustration for Men's Journey Magz

Illustration for Men’s Journey Magazine

What inspires your work? My baby, my relationship, my life, Fashion, beauty, other artists and illustrators, as well as music.

(10) model from Nylon#2

Model from Nylon

  What music do you listen to? When I work and need to relax, or when I’m lonely; I’ll listen to eclectic music or folk,  or american alternative rock bands such as Blonde Redhead. They’re a must to listen to when I need a whimsical moment ,I love the vocalist’s voice. In the mornings I listen rock music to wake me  up.

(8) Plain


What did you have for breakfast? Honestly I hate what I have for breakfast. I’m stuck in the habit of Indonesian people who have to eat rice, so when I have a time, I like to fry a potato and sausage, brocoli and pasta. To start the day, I drink a cup of tea, that is a must!

(5) Illustration for Amelias's Magz

Illustration for Amelias’s Magazine

To see more of Ap’s work visit her Facebook page or follow her on twitter @ApBestari