Modern Arabesque – Dina Gildeh


From Geneva to Jordan, Dina Gildeh is fast becoming one of the most buzzed about decor design talents to come out of the Middle East in a fusion of art and design where modern meets traditional. Their attention to the craftsmanship and technology of creating furniture that can bring any space to life. From drawing on her arabesque roots to table design inspired by a historical cooking pot, creating contemporary, elegant pieces that are each individually handmade . We caught up with the designer to discover what brings her pieces to life .




What were your artistic influences growing up in Jordan?

We are very much influenced by our arabesque  culture, shapes and forms.




As sisters, can you tell us about your creative and business relationship?

Dina is the designer and creative director while tala is involvd with marketing and business development.

When did you discover your love of furniture design and realise you could make a career designing?

I have always had a love for design in all its forms. Art, interior design, graphic design, jewelry, fashion .. etc. yet I find furniture design very stimulating and rewarding.  Having the chance to create my own pieces is a dream come true.


small table



Where do you seek inspiration for your designs?

My inspiration comes from so many places, often unexpected ones. Yet I am very much influenced by our arabesque culture, shapes and forms.

Each of your pieces have such a modern yet artistic approach with clean lines and beautiful detailing. We are particularly drawn to the ‘calligraphy ‘ pieces. Do you each have a favourite piece from the collections?

Yes I do have a favorite piece, The Mansaf Table; A modern interpretation of an actual pot that is used for cooking.




Thinking about environment, aesthetics and purpose, how do you approach designing indoor and outdoor pieces differently?

Well outdoor furniture has to be treated in a way to endure different weather conditions. ( rain . sun, wind ).

Can you tell us about working in the different mediums of wood and aluminium?

I love experimenting with different materials. Its always challenging to to be ture to Form and  function, they  are the most important elements in design. I always try to be practical with my creations and creative with the material I use.




What materials would you like to try and create in that you haven’t yet?

I’d love to experiment with concrete.

Each of your pieces is incredibly and lovingly handmade. Can you tell us about this process and the techniques you use?

We have great craftsmanship, all of our items are hand made to sheer perfection. Many modern techniques are used, some old like mother of pearl inlay.




How long would it take you to make an individual piece?

It all depends on the material used. Usually 3-5 weeks.

How do you view the relationship between craftsmanship and technology?

We value the relationship between craftsmanship and technology and think they complement each other. Some materials require machines and technology to be developed into final products.




What brings you the most satisfaction in creating your line?

Being able to express myself in 3D ! its great to be able to see the progress of thoughts realized into sketches then sketches materialized into actual design products

Can you tell us what you are working on right now?

We are constantly working on new ideas, currently we are working on a line of new tables.




What do you hope the future holds for Dina Gildeh?

To be able to venture into new markets and maybe collaborate with another designer.


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Images courtesy of Dina Gildeh.