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(June 5, Manama) A cozy villa, twenty plus artists, hundreds of guests, plenty of local talent, a live-band and mouth watering treats. Anamil Private Gallery opened its doors for a month long Art Gallery early June, showcasing a wide array of talent, both local (GCC) and from the expat community.




By LadenRasool

By Laden Rasool



First time artists as well as novelty artists gathered to display their talent to a blooming art appreciating Bahrain. “Anamil is unlike any other private gallery to exhibit in Bahrain, there was something to cater to all ages, cultures and interests. You don’t have to know a lot about art to appreciate and understand what we have to offer.” said Ramah Al Husseini, a young Saudi Artist educated in Canada, who not only participated in the event but is the driving force behind Anamil. The Art Gallery was the ideal playing ground for artists to mingle and for the local community to appreciate the different types of art Bahrain has to offer.


Rama Salem and Thomas Shaw typoscrabo

Rama Salem and Thomas Shaw- Typoscrabo


Perryhan Elashmawi

Perryhan Elashmawi


Anamil’s opening exhibition night, which stimulated all five senses, glowed with a unique and exciting buzz. The concept behind the event is Anamils dedication to supporting and creating awareness whether it be for local artists or small businesses; a local live band, a life size scrabble table, photography, photo simulation booth, furniture design, mosaics, paintings and sculptures, gourmet food and drinks, only scratch the surface of the plentiful talent on display. Anamil is anything but your typical art exhibit.


Khaled AlMoayed - The White Box

Khaled AlMoayed’s photo stimulation booth – The White Box


By Ramah AlHusseini

By Ramah AlHusseini


Isa Swain

Isa Swain


The June Art Exhibition held at Anamil will continue for the full month of june. Opening hours from 10am to 6pm, with Fridays off. 



Images courtesy of Anamil Gallery.

For more information visit the Anamil Gallery’s Facebook page, their Blog, or follow them on Instagram @alhusseiniramah.