Words on Street Photography with Ali Al Sumayin

Last Saturday, the Loft Studio, Jeddah, was transformed with the opening of their latest event, “Words on Street Photography,” featuring Saudi photographer Ali Al Sumayin. The exhibition meant to delve deeper into the topic of street photography.


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After a general introduction to the field of street photography, the event featured a showcase of the work of Al-Sumayin, who was there to present his work in person. He shared with the audience his experiences from three of his street photography collections: India, Italy, and his residence place, Dubai. Through the showcase, Al-Sumayin shared his technical experience in photography and photo compositions. At the same time, he was able to share with the audience the adventures, anecdotes, and the emotional value each picture held behind it.


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Attendance to “Words on Street Photography” was open to all those interested in the topic. The audience was invited to participate in the discussion as well, by sharing their own works and experiences in street photography. The session was moderated by Al-Sumayin who gave the participants his feedback.


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This creative get-together was both engaging and inspiring. The two-hour event was filled with input and feedback from all the passionate attendees. More importantly, the audience discussed their challenges and experiences with street photography in Saudi. In that light, the session ended on a note of creative insistence: everyone was determined to pursue their passion of photography in the very streets of Saudi Arabia, hoping to capture their hometowns in different perspectives for the world to see.


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Photographer Ali Al Sumayin


The end of the session did note mark the end of the creative conversation; words on street photography kept voicing out till late hours of the night over a generous sponsorship of catering by Luqma.


Images courtesy of The Loft ME. To learn more about the Loft ME visit their Facebook page here or follow them on twitter and Instagram @TheLoftme.