The Domain Bahrain

The Domain Bahrain is a luxury boutique hotel that inhibits a socially charged members club, in the heart of a bustling business district, the Diplomatic area Bahrain. The sleek 36-story, brand new 131-keys social club and boutique hotel is a new cutting-edge hospitality concept in the Middle East that focuses on sociability, entertainment and technology.

The luxury boutique hotel’s slogan “Stay, Work, Play” represents the blurring lines between business and leisure. Media, entertainment, technology, style and sociability are all embedded into one luxury, innovative experience. The social element is present throughout the hotel, giving guests the opportunity to stay, eat, work, relax, network and socialize at The Domain, either as a regular guest or through the club’s membership.

An app has been developed to enable guests and members to customize their experience before and during their stay and to interact with one another. The app is the Domain’s private social platform “The Conversation”. The emphasis on sociality is further emphasized by the eclectic, reverse-mix of the hotel-club’s dining and entertainment outlets.

With a total of nine social spaces, consisting of restaurants, bars and lounges, The Domain Bahrain is a destination for food culture. Ranging from Japanese, South of France and Basque to Italian-Lebanese, foodies and gourmands from around the world will be spoilt for choice.

The Domain sidesteps a traditional hotel lobby for an entrance lobby where each guest is greeted by a Domain Manager, who ushers them up to their room to check them in and introduce them to their butler. Rooms and suites are all serviced by floor butlers, who handle everything once the guest is checked in.

Sketchbook met with Rogier van Zeventer, the Director of Sales & Marketing, who gave us an exclusive private tour of the boutique hotel. We viewed the nine restaurants and social spaces, the various suites and rooms, all with a breathtaking view. Every detail of the design and concept is outstanding. There are various design elements and inspirations, which were designed by House of Infinity of Designs.


Building Exterior smaller4

 The Domain Bahrain Building

The Domain Bahrain

 The Corporate Suite – With a Breathtaking View

The Lounge

 The Lounge Suite – A Room With More Space and Luxury

The Panorama2

 The Panorama – this room features views over the city and sea. This suite also features a luxurious dressing room with a walk-in closet, vanity table and a powder room


Anthology – The Domain’s Media Lounge

Exclusive Lounge

One of the Exclusive Lounges

How Cool Is This Ceiling

A Ceiling You Can’t Help But Stare At

The photos don’t do the Domain justice – the interior design, including every detail,  is outstanding. The various restaurants and floors have different themes, such as Art Nouveau and Gatsby-inspired restaurants.

The Domain Bahrain will “soft” open on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr. Most of the suites and rooms as well as two of the hotel’s social spaces will open, including Le Sauvage - a grill room and Le Domain [34] featuring cuisine from the South of France. We are looking forward to the opening!



Images courtesy of  The Domain Bahrain

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