Live to Give – Al Reem Charity, Bahrain

The 4th annual Al Reem Charity event will kick off the holy month of Ramadan a week from now, on Thursday the 12th of July . With the vision to ‘Live to Give’, Al Reem Charity aims to raise money for less fortunate families by hosting a charity fundraiser every year, inviting local and regional entrepreneurs to sell their products with a certain percentage donated to the charity. Over 40 sellers from all around the GCC, including big name brands will take part in this year’s event offering a variety of products from food, fashion and everything in between.


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The initiative began as the brainchild of Reem Nooruddin and Maryam Al Sadah in 2010 as a way to “give back” to the community during the Holy Month of Ramadan. The two worked on the initiative while perusing their undergraduate studies in Boston, USA and London, UK respectively. Concerned about the poverty and the toll it’s taken on families and it’s long-term impact on capabilities, employability and education, the two girls personally distribute the profits made to deserving families before the end of Ramadan and the Eid Al-Fitr celebration.


The mission of Al Reem Charity is to organize professional and successful events that are able to meet high targets each year, while providing sellers and buyers with an event that is affordable, fun and promises high quality for visitors. The founders hand- pick local and regional entrepreneurs base on the originality of their products in a bid to promote small family-owned businesses, believing that an economy’s success lies on the support of its entrepreneurs. With this Al Reem Charity has established a large network of supporters in hopes to expand that network with each event.


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Since 2010 the fundraiser has grown with a wider reach gaining more access to poor families and visionary projects such as “Adopt a month,” where volunteers pay for a child’s monthly school-bus fare. This incredible charity intends to create opportunities by providing the less fortunate with the means to stand on their own two feet.


Ultimately, the Charities’ main aim is to inspire and encourage people to volunteer and make a change within their own communities with a very ‘hands on’ approach, where people are invited to see first-hand how anything-big or small can make a difference.


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The Ladies Only event will start at 8:30 pm to 12:30 am, at the Fatima Kanoo Hall in Tubli, Bahrain. 

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For regular updates on the charity, follow the charity Instagram @alreemcharity  and click the following for applying for food stamps in the state which supports food poverty and charity programs that save many lives of the people who die of hunger.