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While we’d usually love nothing more than to peruse the streets of London to explore all our favorite shops that cater for culture and arts – there is something so satisfying about having one-click access to a huge range of affordable art online. While the traditional art world has spent eons trying to convince us that there’s a direct correlation between price and taste, the web is living proof that doesn’t hold true. In other words you don’t have to be a billionaire or the co-founder of Facebook to buy a masterpiece. And you also don’t have to look very far.

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A spinoff of the renowned Saatchi Gallery in London, Saatchi Online is a platform that allows emerging artists to showcase and sell their work, and gives art lovers insider access to new talent from all around the world.

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Saatchi Online aims to continue the gallery’s legacy of promoting new, contemporary talent and bringing art to an even wider audience.

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While it may seem like a young art aficionado’s playground – the dynamic site is a place for fist time buyers and serious collectors alike, Saatchi Online brings new talent directly to members through a curated environment.

Featuring a diverse range of mediums and price ranges, Saatchi Online makes it easy for anyone to purchase art – boasting doorstep delivery anywhere in the world.339525-11544684-7

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Saatchi Online is an equally exciting venture for artists – their vision has always been to empower sustainable careers. They enable artists to sell their original work as well as prints, giving them access to an engaged global audience. Artists can manage their own online portfolios and are even offered the luxury of pricing their own work – letting both artists and collectors skip the formalities of a traditional gallery.

First time buying art online? Visit Saatchi Online’s shop here.

WORDS: Nada El Barshoumi

PHOTOS: Courtesy of Saatchi Online. All rights reserved.