The Voice Within / The Voices Without

Ulafa’s team is proud to present yet another astounding pop-up exhibition titled “The Voice Within / The Voices Without” this Saturday at 7PM in the Bahrain Fort Museum.

“Throughout the ages, myths and legends have been telling stories of good versus evil. From religion to ethics to philosophy – these have all studied the human contradiction of our ability to love, bond with, and serve others and yet destruct, discriminate, and wrong-do those same persons. Are we born with an innate moral compass or are our beliefs imposed through our environment?

This exhibition explores the idea that good and evil can be derived from an internal conscience as well external influences. People are constructed both from the inside-out as well as from the outside-in. We also look at the way in which we treat and act towards others; the backbone of human relationships – and therefore society as a whole. We deconstruct the various compositions that make up our personal values and beliefs – what do we value, what makes them so valuable and what are we willing to do to preserve those values?”

The exhibition will continue to go on until the 14th of September, with Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th reserved for Artists Talk and Screening.