‘HELL O’ Couture Spring Summer 2014


With over a decade of catwalk shows under his belt and numerous high profile clients, London based designer Ziad Ghanem will unravel his latest collection with inspiration from Walt Disney

villains being wickedly delicious. This season see’s Queen Victoria as the muse du jour, a woman of strong stance and regality who is still the longest running female monarch in history which is the perfect symbol of the Ziad Ghanem woman. Strong, grand and majestic all very much lend to the silhouette for this seasons couture, a line of dramatic, bold and seductive pieces injected with as much intensity and detail as ever.


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Showcased on Curvier ladies all with the vivacious stamp seen on his runway. This will be the first demonstration of its kind where real woman will be dressed in Couture, stamping that message down that you do not need to be a size 0 to enjoy fashion or express yourself. For the new season, Ziad will celebrate the female form and the clothes that adorn her. His unique signature style will be available to order in a range of sizes from 8 -24, echoing his vision, hopelessly romantic and yet elaborately modern.


Ziads traditional techniques are used throughout his collections stamping home his “cult couturier” tag. Having merged successful press relations to various publications, his pieces have featured in some of London’s most notable iconic fashion moments.


This latest feast from Ziad will remind Britain that dressing is no longer limited to accessories and cosmetics and that all fashion houses should be accommodating the desires of their clients.

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Portia Shaw


020 7637 3332