LOUD Art Executes Culture Shock in KSA

LOUD Art Executes Culture Shock in KSA

LOUD Art partners with the region’s biggest creative Art platform


April 2014 – In its third consecutive year, LOUD ART; the eastern provinces’ hotly celebrated art event is proud to announce it’s collaboration with Nuqat, the biggest creative conference in the region.

Nuqat, a platform of communication that connects and educates creatives in the Gulf and the Middle East, will be partnering with LOUD Art to execute its 2013 ‘Executing Culture Shock’, an Art concept and theme that was introduced in Kuwait last year.

The purpose of introducing this theme is to challenge and examine the experience of cultural change and its effect on artists and designers. It will also assess the role of art experts and advocates in executing change within a transforming culture, through exploring its transitional levels.

Commenting on this collaboration Tala Saleh, Nuqat Ambassador to KSA said: “Nuqat is proud and delighted to have collaborated with Loud Art this year in using our 2013 theme of Executing Culture Shock. In Nuqat we believe that collaboration is the key to creative success, and Loud Art is one of the collaborations we are proud about this year”.


She also added: “We believe that Loud Art gives young artists and creatives in the region, and especially Saudi Arabia, an unmatched opportunity to exhibit their work and become part of the growing art and creative community”.


The LOUD Art concept is the birth child of Desert Designs Art Gallery in Khobar and NTI & Co. creative agency in 2012. It started off as an experimental platform with local amateur artists in the region. Artists were given a broad theme and the freedom to create art work within it to be showcased as part of a collaborative art show in Khobar.

This year, LOUD Art makes turns up the volume even louder and takes the show to two additional cities in the Kingdom. The show opens in Khobar on the 29th May 2014 followed by shows in Riyadh and Jeddah (Dates to be announced later this year)

Najla Al Suhaimi, Managing Partner of NTI & Co. Agency in KSA adds: “This initiative created in collaboration with Desert Design KSA has gained outstanding popularity and recognition since we first introduced it. And ever since, we have been receiving many offers by groups and individuals wishing to partner with us for coming shows. Last year’s event was attended by over 300 people on the opening night and sold over 30 Art pieces and we are very proud of these remarkable results”

Many of the aspiring artists that we worked with have attained international attention and recognition. Established artists in the region, participants and others alike, benefited significantly and innovated their art style and direction.

This year, LOUD Art will be exhibiting art pieces by Ali Chaaban, Yusef Al Ahmad, Khalid Zahid, in addition to new artists taking part for the first time.

Raneen Bukhari, Gallery Manager of Desert Designs KSA commented: “we look forward to mark 2014 as a milestone for LOUD Art through exhibiting in other parts of the kingdom and offering added value to the existing art scenes in major cities Riyadh and Jeddah”.

Bukhari comments on this year’s submissions saying: “LOUD Art is about our artists and the challenges and opportunities we give them and this year is definitely no different to the rest. We have received over 150 submissions this year with many creative concepts and powerful pieces to exhibit under the announced theme”.

Finally she added: “We feel very strongly about offering our local and regional talent opportunities to showcase their work to local, regional, and international audiences. Many of the established artists in the region first started with us such as Basma Felemban and Hussein Al Mohasen and we are very proud to see these great artists accomplishing great results and appreciation by the regional and international art scene”.

LOUD Art’s fundamental aim is to create a powerful and influential art platform for local talent to exhibit to local, regional, and international audiences.

LOUD Art in Khobar will open its doors to the public on May 29th, 2014 at Desert Designs gallery in Khobar.



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Notes to Editors:

NTI & Co. - A Saudi Based company, established in 2011 by young local partners who shared a common goal. NTI consists of a team of young, innovative, and creative professionals that will thrive to reach Excellence. The team have expertise in Events, Art and PR, and combining all three elements together is what differentiates them from others in the market. NTI’s enthusiastic team includes Events Managers, Graphic Designers, Web Designers and Developers, Artists, Curators, and Public Relations Specialists who would work non-stop, mutually and independently, to ensure exceeding their clients’ satisfaction.

DESERT DESIGNS- A family-owned business for the last 23 years since 1990, with a vision of promoting Saudi heritage and handicrafts. The founders Farid Bukhari and his wife Qamar Ahmed both Saudi Nationals, Farid is a self-made successful business man, with 30 years of experience and Qamar an artist by profession. Both owners personally handpick and select traditional and tribal ‘bedouin’ art pieces and treasures from the past to enhance the present and nurture them in the gallery.

NUQAT- Firstly known as “Nuqat Ala Al Huroof”, has started in 2009 with one objective in mind which was to develop Arab creativity on all levels including design, advertising, architecture, fashion, production… Nuqat provides a platform of communication that connects and educates creatives in the Gulf and the Middle East, allowing them to explore and tackle creative change.