LOUD Art opens this year’s “Executing Culture Shock” exhibition show at Desert Designs Gallery in Khobar

Let’s get LOUD in here!

LOUD Art opens this year’s “Executing Culture Shock” exhibition show at Desert Designs Gallery in Khobar


2 June 2014 – LOUD Art together with NUQAT celebrated the opening of LOUD Art exhibition under the title “executing culture shock”, a concept that was first introduced in Kuwait last year by NUQAT.

The show was attended by more than 1,000 visitors on the opening night (29 May) from the Eastern Province’s and KSA’s elite society, art fanatics, collectors, media, and officials and has received positive responses and applause.

Wakim Zeidan, founding member of Nuqat commented on this collaboration: “This is the first collaboration that Nuqat does in Saudi and with a promising Saudi initiative such as Loud Art. Hopefully, this will be our first move in a row of more collaborations, events and activities in the Kingdom. “Executing Culture Shock” has been a great topic for Nuqat and
we are proud to close it with Loud Art before announcing the new theme of
our next conference.



The LOUD Art concept is the birth child of Desert Designs Art Gallery in Khobar and NTI & Co. that was first introuduced in 2012. It started off as an experimental platform with local amateur artists in the region. Artists were given a broad theme and the freedom to create art work within it to be showcased as part of a collaborative art show in Khobar.

Loud Art official spokesperson Raneen Bukhari said: “We are extremely proud and grateful for the support we have received throughout the years and are absolutely delighted to have partnered with Nuqat this year. We look forward to taking the show to Riyadh and Jeddah later in the year and offer more opportunities for young and emerging talent in KSA and the region”.

A total of 37 collaborating artists including Um Kalthoum Al Allawi, Yusef Al Ahmed, Ali Chaaban, Khalid Zahid, and Tagreed Bagshi showcased work that reflected their ideas of the concept of culture shock in a wittingly, humorous, satirical, and positive attitude that have entertained audiences and caught attention of Khobar’s social and art critics and art enthusiasts.



This year, LOUD Art offered and organized a dedicated corner for 10 regional designers who specialize in designing and crafting quirky stationary and t-shirts such as Fyunka, By Farah, Fanilla Couture and more, to display and sell products ranging from t-shirts, phone covers, stationary, accessories and more.

LOUD Art this year celebrates the recognition and support of well renowned leaders and corporations in the Eastern province business industry Rawabi Holding and Shade, in addition to support from art media outlet Saudi Art Guide. The contribution of the aforementioned has resulted achieving great success and regional recognition for LOUD Art this year.

 Commenting on this Rawabi Holding Vice President of Corporate Services said: “Rawabi Holding strives to actively participate in the sustainable development of the communities where we operate, building on our mission to contribute to the economic development and quality of life in the countries where we operate. We continue to align with likeminded bodies within the community and have thus partnered with LOUD Art in an effort to support creative youth in making a positive impact within their community, enabling them to excel in the fields they are most passionate about.”

NUQAT together with LOUD Art organized an exclusive workshop by NUQAT speaker Tarek Atrissi on 30th and 31st June on Arabic lettering and Type Design. Workshops will be held at Desert Designs Gallery in Khobar. 

LOUD Art will be on until 7 June before it moves to Riyadh and Jeddah later this year (dates to be announced soon). Updates and announcements can be found on Instagram @loudart and @ddartgallery and @nti_co.



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NUQAT- Firstly known as “Nuqat Ala Al Huroof”, has started in 2009 with one objective in mind which was to develop Arab creativity on all levels including design, advertising, architecture, fashion, production… Nuqat provides a platform of communication that connects and educates creatives in the Gulf and the Middle East, allowing them to explore and tackle creative change.


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