Mishael Al Rajhi Resort 14 Collection Invitation

Mishael Al Rajhi

FASHION HOUSE NEWS: It’s our utmost pleasure to invite you to…

Bisat El Reeh Al Harthi Center, Jeddah

The Thoube Resort 14 collection will be in Jeddah for the Exhibition from 9AM-2PM / 3-8 July. Join us for joie de vivre nights filled with sparkling moments at Booth #7.


WHY THOUB É? THOUBÉ is an attempt to marry the vibrant visions of summer and Mishael Al Rajhi’s travels with the spiritual significance and cultural wonderment during Ramadan. The inspiration has been drawn from a modern interpretation of the season’s festive vibe, tradition meeting serendipity on the cobblestone streets of Paris.


The hues and shades capture the season in a new light and whimsical sophistication, invoking thoughts of Eid at Champs Elysees, Iftars at Tiffany’s and a Parisian Ramadan.






Mishael Al Rajhi employs a unique technique in playing with the fabrics and texture of her designs for THOUBÉ. We invite you to discover THOUBÉ, a wearable interpretation of serendipity and magical moments.






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