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New contemporary art and design gallery opens its doors to art and design enthusiasts in Riyadh



RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (July 15 2014) — Rukun gallery, a contemporary art and design gallery featuring a mix of sculptures, paintings, furniture and mixed media pieces, opened its doors to the public during the holy month of Ramadan. Guests enjoyed a casual evening over a reception that was held at the gallery located in Nojoud Centre in Riyadh.

The gallery aims to become a hub for creative minds displaying the merger of playfulness and craftsmanship and showing what this union is able to produce. The gallery also focuses on nurturing personal experiences with all of the pieces it displays.

The soft opening exhibition showcased unique art and design pieces from Europe such as Apparatus, Duffy London, in addition to exclusive pieces created by the gallery’s own design studio ‘Kun’. The opening was attended by Riyadh’s elite society, art and design enthusiasts, artists, fashion designers, members of the press, including design and fashion bloggers.

Gallery owner Noura Saud commented on the opening saying: “Ever since I could possibly remember, I have had a passion for art and design especially for pieces with a twist. Each design displayed in the gallery is personally handpicked by myself from around the world. I am excited to share with this community the beautiful art pieces that not only hold a rich history and originality, but are also functional and practical. It will truly be a worthwhile experience for any art and design aficionado.”



Never forceful, each item displayed at the gallery is meant to have its presence as a stand-alone piece of design or art, and yet at the same time has the ability to integrate itself into any interior. Telling a story and portraying where each designer wishes to take their work is an integral part of this experience.

She also added: “We are also very proud to introduce our very own design studio “Kun” where we create our own original design pieces. Our studio’s philosophy at Kun deeply focuses on merging our history and culture with modern and contemporary designs as well as establishing a cross relationship between art and design.”

The design studio, Kun, is part of the larger entity “RUKUN”. The name is derived from Rukun, meaning, “to be” in Arabic. The studio is home to the designer’s unique and original creations where they turn plans on paper into physical objects that are innovative, customizable, and of outstanding quality and finishing.

Along with the contemporary and modern unique furniture, the gallery itself is a work of art in a minimalistic sense. The new exhibition space, complete with polished concrete floors, open plan and high ceilings, is located in the ultra-fashion retail district of Nojoud centre in Riyadh, KSA.

The gallery announced plans to hold a grand opening and to hold future monthly shows featuring works by well-renowned international artists and designers as well as emerging talents from the region.




For more information about the gallery and the opening, please visit www.rukun.net or www.facebook.com/rukun.gallery


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About RUKUN Gallery:

Rukun is a contemporary design and art gallery based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia that showcases unique creations sourced from around the world. Inspired by a variety of sources and taking it’s cues from the art world, each piece possesses an original quality that goes beyond the functionality of everyday design. Manipulation of materials and transforming our preconceived notions of the way they react is one of the main characteristics the gallery aims to display.

The gallery always welcomes new talent and strives to become a destination for both artists and designers of the region. Our space aims to be a hub for creative minds displaying the merger of playfulness and craftsmanship and showing what this union is able to produce.