Alumni: Hayley Lau


Age: 22
Location: London
Occupation: Blogger, visual director, illustrator and general creative

What are you doing at the moment?
At the moment I’m interning at Lomography UK, helping them build a ‘LomoWall’ for an exhibition at the Museum of London. Other than that, I’m still trying to find my way ‘in’ the creative industry.

What’s in your Sketchbook?
Lots of notes and ideas. Mostly writing and a little doodling. I like to keep separate little books for different ideas. It sounds messy, but I find it easier that way to keep different projects separated from each other.

What have you done for Sketchbook?

  • My title was ‘PR Officer’, so basically a lot of emailing around, making sure things were running smoothly and on time, and daily twittering!
  • I like to call myself as one of the ‘Original Sketchbook interns’. I came to Sketchbook with a few of my University classmates as part of a required placement, intending to stay for about 2 months, but I personally ended up staying for just under 6 months, just until after the Pop Up store on Carnaby Street closed.
Hayley Lau

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