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After graduating from the American University of Beirut with a BA in Psychology and minor in Communications, Luma Bashmi pursued a two-year stint as a PR officer at one of the leading investment banks in Bahrain, handling the PR and strategy of several innovative initiatives. Moving on to pursue her masters in Marketing & Communications from the London College of Communication (University of the Arts London), her interests took her on to pursue a career in the creative industries, specifically art, fashion and culture.

Invited by the founder and editor-in-chief, Wafa Alobaidat, Bashmi worked alongside her in launching the first fashion illustration magazine curated in London to provide a platform for young emerging and established talents to showcase their works in fashion, arts and culture.

Apart from being a co-founder and Features Editor of Sketchbook magazine, her work in London included two major art galleries, Xerxes Art, the only gallery to exclusively deal with Middle Eastern and Iranian art, and CHELSEA space.

She is also a freelance writer and photographer, having been published in Vanity Fair Spain, Dia boutique, Khaleejesque and Sketchbook.

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