Alumni: Monique Jivram


Age: 27
Location: London, UK.
Occupation: Illustrator

What are you doing at the moment?
I’m working on new illustration pieces featuring enchanting commonplace objects and household goods with a blend of vintage fabric and hand embroidery. In my most recent work, there is a palpable sense of the nostalgia, reflecting on the current status of familiar objects.

What’s in your sketchbook?
Line gel pen drawings, millions of scraps of fabric and samples of typography

What have you done for Sketchbook?

  • Contributed to Editor’s issue.
  • Illustration for an interview with the Leith Clark the editor of Lula magazine
  • Brief to create a piece that was ‘Out of This World’ and explored Leith Clarkes character through the story line.

Monique Jivram

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