Spotted at Abu Dhabi Art


Damascus was once known for its skilled glass-blowers, but the changing face of the city means this ancient craft is in real danger of being lost. One of the few workshops in operation is that of Saudi designer AHMAD ANGAWI,

Better late than never, Sketchbook’s full review of the Frieze Art Fair

Frieze Arts Fair, Regents Park, London on October 17th 2009.

For those of you who aren’t aware, the Frieze Art Fair is a yearly art experience where paintings, sculptures, installations and many more things are thrown at you from every angle, all beneath a single roof. The Frieze Art Fair

Living Dangerously with Roxane Borujerdi


In a way we are always at work. It matters little if we are out shopping, sleeping, earning or eating, it is always work.  There is no time to be political. How can we be if we are caught in

Pop Life – Art in a Material World


It wasn’t long and certainly won’t be the last time that Pop Art is revisited, much less in the Tate Modern, but it’s often always a winner in many aspects. When Pop Art presents itself it draws a whole host