Haha-ka-tha: Kuwait’s Zahed Sultan Laughs his Way to Stardom

Zahed Sultan

If you’re not familiar with the name Zahed Sultan, here’s a major heads up on one of the Arabian Gulf’s brightest emerging talents. With his finger on the pulse of the creative industry’s buzzword, ‘transmedia’, the ‘Like This,’ or ‘Ha-ka-tha,’

Istanbul Street Style: Where East Meets West

Istanbul Street Style

I love spending an afternoon sitting at a cafe near bosphorus, looking at the beautiful view that both inspires and relaxes me. When was the last time you sat down at a coffee shop and just read a book or

Melbourne: Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2012

Gertrude Street

Armed with the Gertrude Street Project Festival’s app, we knew from the map that there was an art piece right next to us, but couldn’t find it. Looking around at the buildings, cafes, and shows, we weren’t able to find

New York: Third Annual Zine and Self-Published Photo Book Fair

Third Annual Zine and Self-Published Photo Book Fair

From July 27th – 29th the Camera Club New York hosted the third annual zine and self published photo book fair. The opening night was held on the friday at printed matter in Chelsea, and over the weekend the event

Magic nights of fire


When I was a little girl I used to love when my dad took me and my sister to the park at night. Limited by his working hours, this was the only time he had to enjoy with us and

Shanghai Tang Bloggers Breakfast


Shanghai Tang has long been an luxury brand with internationally-situated stores and a reputation for workmanship and oriental heritage design. Yesterday morning saw the gathering of London’s fashion-blogosphere at the Sloane Street store for a breakfast to introduce us to



Here is how it began. In the last ten years or so, online journalism has accomplished an unbelievable feat in taking over as a leading form of media with access to a mass readership. As a new found form of

Sketchbook Magazine at The Groucho Club


“Cocktails were popular during the 1920s, as drinkers used ginger ale, tonic water and fruit juices to mask their liquor. Until the late 1920s, images of wild speakeasy revelry and blatant disregard for the prohibition laws commonly appeared on the

A night on the Thames with Gabby Young


Some things are beautiful on its own: a great song; a nice melody; an evening with friends; a warm summer night; the lights of London over the calmed waters of the river Thames… Every once in a while there’s a

MATERIAL- a gallery, bookstore and an insight into the world of design…


Currently showing a retrospective of Dazed and Confused, Material is becoming central to Kingly Court since its opening on the 23rd April 2010. The shop, painted a bright yellow to stand out from the crowd, is filled with limited edition