Sarah Beetson


(Pentlands Prize winner: 2003) Sarah Beetson Gallery…. (7.00pm) Circling the drain, the usual esoteric beats of size zero and outrage amongst the peers echoing……… Room 1- ‘You are what you eat’ illustrative graduate, Sarah Beetson, brings to attention our own vanity, reflected

5 Minutes with the FAT Kyds


“FatKyds will never be commonplace” T-Shirt designers FAT Kyds launched in 2009 creating a range of unique, exclusive T-shirts, designed by renowned fine artists and graphic designers. FAT Kyds keep charity close to their heart, donating £1 of each T-shirt sale to

Crazy for Coco


Here at Sketchbook, illustration is one of our passions. Taking us back to the roots of what we love, design and illustration is where the creative process begins. So you can imagine our excitement when flicking through the stylish pages

Climatic Changes: Amelia’s Anthology of Illustration


Illustration is good, climate change is very bad. So what happens when you put both of these into one book? And right in time to coincide with HOPENHAGEN, the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen? We caught up with AMELIA