Illustrator’s Portfolio 157: Valerie Servais


  Age: 22 Nationality: Belgian/American/Thai Living in: London     What is in your sketchbook? If I have one, it’s usually just research & photos stuck inside to have a sort of mood board. I don’t really have a sketchbook to draw in

Illustrator’s Portfolio 156: Hayley Williams


Age: 21 Nationality: British Living in:  Wales, UK     What is in your sketchbook? I have many sketchbooks, but my main one at the moment is full of tattoo designs and doodles.       Where do you illustrate? I mainly

Competition winner Mariska Carvalho!


  Age: 23 Nationality: Indian            Living in: Dubai   What is in your sketchbook? Really old drawings (circa 2001), mutant flower sketches, unintentionally distorted portraits and loads of ‘How to draw hands’ practices. Where do you illustrate? In classrooms and when I have

Illustrator’s Portfolio 155: Giulio Iurissevich


  Age: ageless Nationality: Italian Living in: Italy     What is in your sketchbook? Faces, phrases, dreams, abstract images, dogs or flowers.     Where do you illustrate? Everywhere, in my studio a,through the fields and through the trees,

Illustrator’s Portfolio 154: Ashley King


Age: 23 Nationality: British Living in: West Midlands   What is in your sketchbook? Someone once told me that ‘Your sketchbook is your life long partner’. Well, I guess one you can’t divorce. My current sketchbook holds lashings of biro on parcel paper,

Illustrator’s Portfolio 153: James Dean


Age: 31 Nationality: British Living in: Devon   What is in your sketchbook?   Pencil drawings of guns and robots and pretty girls with big hair. These are all drawn, rubbed out and drawn again.   Where do you illustrate?  In my flat

Illustrators Portfolio 152: Velwyn Yossy


Age: 26 Nationality: Indo-Chinese American Living in: Los Angeles (although I’d love to stay with my boyfriend in London)   What is in your sketchbook? Since most of my works are done digitally, instead of having a sketchbook, I usually do some

Illustrator’s Portfolio 151: Jessica Townsend


Age: 33 Nationality: English Living in: London   What is in your sketchbook? An eclectic mix of things! I love working with type, drawing children’s characters and fashion illustrations so I tend to have a stock pile of vastly different drawings most of

Illustrator’s Portfolio 150: Stéphanie Maton


  Age: 25 Nationality: I’m a Belgian girl Living in: Tournai, Belgium   What is in your sketchbook?  My sketchbook mainly contains humans without faces and bright colors. I recount my discomfort about our society’s conformity and the it’s idea of individualism.  

Sarah Rosado – Fashion Illustrator


Last September, Sketchbook Magazine celebrated London Fashion Week’s homage to the iconic Disney character, Minnie Mouse. A whimsical collaboration of a collection by designers such as  Giles Deacon, Richard Nicoll and Katie Hillier were unveiled during LFW before being auctioned off on