Illustrator’s Portfolio 144: KULVINDER DHILLON

Illustrator's Portfolio 144- Kulvinder Dhillon

Age: 28 Nationality: British Living in: London What is in your sketchbook? I don’t have much of a sketchbook, just hundreds of loose sheets of paper. Where do you illustrate? Mostly, I illustrate in my living room on any bit

Flying High: Olympic Birds by Louise Byrnes

Olympic Birds by Lousie Byrnes

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if a group of birds decided to take part in the Olympics? Well, wonder no more. Yes, we’ve commissioned yet another series to  put a quirky olympic spin on our furry (or should

Illustrator’s Portfolio 143: KRIS KEYS

Illustrator's Portfolio 143- Kris Keys

Age: 26 Nationality: American Living in: London What is in your sketchbook? A combination of sketches from recent trips to museums, people on the train, random thoughts, doodles, nude people from life drawing, and a lot of splashes of watercolour paint. Where do

Dogs of Britain Go for Gold – Illustration by Jo Chambers

Dogs of Britain go for Gold - Illustration by Jo Chambers

When we first stumbled accross Jo Chambers’ series of Jubilee Dogs, we instantly fell in love. Inspired by her quirky illustration-meets-collage style and her obvious affinity for royally adorned canines, we asked Jo to come up with a series of

Henrike Dreier Illustrates New Edition Release of “Birdy”

Henrike Dreier Illustrates New Edition of Birdy

William Wharton’s seminal novel Birdy will be re-released on Thursday 2nd August with an illustrated cover created by German graphic designer, artist and Central St. Martin’s Student, Henrike Dreier. Whilst Birdy is arguably Wharton’s most celebrated novel – as echoed

Illustrator’s Portfolio 142: HAYLEY WARNHAM

Illustrator's Portfolio 142 HAYLEY WARNHAM

Age: 25 Nationality: British Living in: Milton Keynes   What is in your sketchbook? I always remember being told that a sketchbook should be treated as an extension of yourself, and since graduating from my degree I’ve always tried to stick to that

Illustrator’s Portfolio 141: GILES MEAD

Illustrator's Portfolio 141 - GILES MEAD

Here at Sketchbook headquarters, we are constantly sifting through some illustrator portfolios. With so much stunning work landing on our desks these days, we’ve decided to spotlight some of our favourites once a week. Age: 22 Nationality: British Living in: Bristol  

Illustrator’s Portfolio 140: ELENA BARRIO


“Pretty Lady” Age:  21  Nationality: American/ Argentinean Living in: Charleston, South Carolina, USA “3D” “Construction”   What is in your sketchbook? I tend to sketch on random pieces of paper rather than a sketchbook. I mostly draw weird faces with

Illustrator’s Portfolio 139: JUSTIN WALLIS


“Alright Cool” –  from Portraits Project “Sum Kinda MILKBBI” Age: 21 Nationality: American Living in: the deep south of USA “Sweet Home”  What is in your sketchbook? Yellow paper “Baby 1” from MILK Babies Project “Baby 8” from MILK Babies Project Where do you

Illustrator’s Portfolio 138: MAIJA LIDUMA


Age:  33 Nationality: latvian Living in: Riga, Latvia What is in your sketchbook? I don’t have one special sketchbook. I have tried keeping one several times, but usually I start one, but then take another. And drawings in them usually