Illustrator’s Portfolio 107: ALICE PARSONS (aka Owlstation)


Owlstation – Tit Vicious   Age:  21 Nationality: British Living in: Brighton, England Owlstation – Snow Owl   What is in your sketchbook? Owls, Punks, lizards, new bands, typography, doodles, research and other oddities Mental Mondays – Band Gig Poster

Illustrator’s Portfolio 106: MEERALEE PATEL


Caribou   Age:  24 Nationality: American Living in: New Jersey, USA   What is in your sketchbook? Animals, plants, and the occasional architectural piece. I like amalgamations, creating things that don’t tangibly exist, so my sketchbook is mostly filled with

Illustrator’s Portfolio 105: JULIA STAITE


Age:  30 Nationality: British Living in: London   The Cinderella Effect   What is in your sketchbook? Today, playground equipment – swings, slides, seesaws, that kind of thing! There are always quite a lot of cats as well. Red Riding

Illustrator’s Portfolio 104: DARIA HLAZATOVA


Age: 25 Nationality:  Ukrainian Living in: Ukraine What is in your sketchbook? Sketchbook is my storage of memories. There are places and people I want to remember, perhaps, not always prominent ones, but those that are just passing by. Where

Illustrator’s Portfolio 103: MARIO PINHEIRO


Age:  29 Nationality: Portuguese Living in: Porto, Portugal Illustration for 20×20 Magazine, Issue #5-Basic Needs, I am what I need   What is in your sketchbook? Memos, quotes, thumbnail sketches, lines & colour, animals & people (lately, a lot of birds and

Illustrator’s Portfolio 102: Paul Kelly


Pour Your Heart Out Age: 27 Nationality: British Living in: Hackney, London   What is in your sketchbook? Mainly small sketches, doodles, rants, ideas for taking over the world Glass Design for German company, Ritzenhoff   Where do you illustrate?

Wedding Bells, Wedding Bells…


We hear there’s a (Royal) wedding coming up soon…Here at the Sketchbook HQ, we have to admit that we have been gripped by the pandemonium surrounding the Royal Wedding and are indeed, in the throws of wedding fever, even as we

Mia Jafari and Florence Bamberger in collaboration with Sketchbook Magazine


Late last year we gave our readers a special task for the commencement of our first competition. We called all illustrators to create a template for the design of a new scarf by the masterful Central Saint Martins and Goldsmith’s

Ghasi Algosaibi: Poet, Writer, Politician And Revolutionary…


Ghasi Algosaibi died on August 24, 2010. I’d heard of the man; seen his clever maple-syrup eyes in photos, his poems on online shelves. I knew of his revolutionary-style, structured house, lined with chairs and perspex cubes, and his son,

Kissing the Shirt


No dear reader, this post is not about a new range of T-shirts, nor is it about a new designer that has felt into the realms of our affection. This post is about football, and yes, you read that right.