Behind the lens with Saleh Nass


A picture is worth a thousand words, but what if one has more to say? Bahraini-born Saleh Nass takes it to the next level with film. Writing, filming, producing & editing away in the sunny Gulf, there is still a

ALGHALIA INTERIORS: My Love for Islamic Architecture and Contemporary Design


Over the last 10 years, The London Design Festival has established itself as one of the most anticipated events in the world of interiors and product/furniture design. With London being the capital of everything artsy and interestingly peculiar there was

Passionate about Creativity: Alia Al Qassimi, twofour54


In January 2012, Alia Al Qassimi joined twofour54 ibtikar as Head of Creative Projects & Outreach. UAE based, twofour54 is the region’s leading media and entertainment hub with a visionary team and a mission to enable the development of world

Ali Al Saeed; National best selling, Award winning Bahraini author


Rarely do we see Bahraini writers causing such scene’s in the editorial industry.  Ali Al Saeed, A Bahraini writer who happens to have made a scene with his hit story “The Randomist” Blending provocative writing & intimate moments from his

Yousef Al Taher; An Inspired Dreamer..


Yousef Al Taher’s career already reads like a veteran pro’s. After completing high school in France, the young Kuwaiti stylist started his journey as a Parisian photographer’s assistant, and then went on to work as contributing editor of THOUQ magazine,

Zahar AlSayed – The 4-in-1 Designer


Born and raised in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Zahar Al Sayed, began her full-time relationship with art when she chose Graphic Design as her major at Dar Al Hekma College. With the chosen mediums of Graphic Design and

Art to Wear – Lama Hourani


  The Middle Eastern inspired jewellery line by Jordanian designer Lama Hourani has mesmerized customers as “art to wear” with their playful and spirited flair. With 13 years under her belt, Lama has been designing and producing jewellery since 2000, and opened her

Less is More – Maryam Toorani


Simplicity is key with many creatives who have emphasised time and time again that white space, in design or art, should be embraced. 23 year old Bahraini artist Maryam Toorani has, quite literally, illustrated  this very important element of contemporary design with her printed framed illustrations. Drawing

Wake them up, Inspire them – Meet Muris Halilović


The greatest minds come from the most unexpected places. This is true in the case of young video and digital artists Muris Halilović who hails from the small town of Srebrenik  in the southeastern European country of Bosnia and Herzegovin.  This creative personality recognised that

A Patron of Talents


  In recent years, local talent has been treated as a treasure, coveted – and in some cases – favored by those who appreciate the time, effort and passion infused into the work. Entrepreneur, Farah bint Khalid Al Kahlifa has