The Electric Firefly


Eclectic, diverse and real would be the best description for Sketchbook’s featured blogger today. Born of a British mother and a father from the UAE, Mara Mostafa has bared her soul while simultaneously guiding a countless audience with their fashion and health choices

Obsessively Opposed to the Typical – Ali Al Bana


“The creative adult is the child who survived,” – Ursula K. Le Guin  Ali Al Bana is a real life Bahraini testament to this. The 16- year old talent has done nothing but flourish from the tender age of 6

Hani Malik: The Guitar Wielding Doctor!


It’s not unusual for people to have a range of interest, passions and talents that ricochet across opposite ends of the spectrum, and Bahraini Hani Malik is one of those people. The 27-year-old recently released his first debut music album

Sara Sami: The black sheep amongst them


Standing out from the crowd has never been a problem for young Bahraini graphic designer Sara Sami; who’s eclectic range of expertise has caught the eyes of many. We caught up with Sara to learn more about her beginnings of

Meeting Mikey: More Than Just a Music Agent

mikey feature image

  Who is Mikey Malak? Mikey is a 27 year old French/Egyptian music agent and manager. Currently working at Coda Agency in London and for his own company, The Network Group, on artists from the electronic and urban worlds. He

The Girl Behind Fyunka – Exclusive Interview with Alaa Balkhy

Sketchbook Fyunka Feature

Innovative. Entrepreneur. Designer. Sketchbook was ecstatic to interview the girl behind Fyunka, Alaa Balkhy. Tell me about yourself. I was born in Jeddah but grew up in Canada. I lived there for nine years. My father is a doctor and

Tapforss – An Exciting New Platformer for iOS


It’s not in our circumstance that our lives are molded, but in our ambition. The almost 30-year-old Hungarian College drop out, Janos Filip, is a real life testimony to that. By doing the unthinkable he has accomplished the unimaginable. After living

Jeremy Leslie – Get out, look around, talk, discuss


Creative director, author and editorial design fanatic, Jeremy Leslie has garnered 25 years experience in the magazine design industry  with a portfolio of work in the art direction of weeklies and monthlies for the newsstand. The London born creative has

Representing Ideas Through Letters-Hala Ali


A break onto the contemporary art scene is nowadays being led by the works of a young generation of Saudi artists, ones that dedicate a great amount of time and energy in locating their culture at the heart of their

Elevating the region to international standards – Ammar Al Aradi, a.k.a, Ammaro 456


Spending more time in the air than on the ground may be tiring for some, but for Bahraini multimedia entertainment mogul in-the-making, Ammar Al-Aradi, this is the only way up. Literally. With one foot firmly planted in the region’s simmering music scene