The mind behind the design – Lujain Abulfaraj


A future industry giant is born! Creative Director Lujain Abulfaraj and the Bin WTD family, as they would like to call themselves, have made waves in the Middle East by stripping away the glossy facade of contemporary architecture and exposed

Shaking up the status quo – Marriam Al Mossalli

Marriam Al Mosalli

Marriam Mossalli, a role model and a name which has proven well that Saudi women can be remarkably outstanding in their presence in the international fashion scene. After spending five years working passionately for a number of Saudi publications, today she is

Breaking The Sound Barrier – Meet Hasan Hujairi

Hasan Hujairi

Hasan, for those who do not know you, could you please tell us a little about yourself and your work?  I am a sound artist and independent researcher from Bahrain. My activity involves performing some of my experimental sound art

Questioning Qasimi – The UAE’s Fastest Rising Fashion Designer

Khalid Qasimi

Originally from Sharjah in United Arab Emirates, Khalid Al Qasimi is a graduate of Hispanic Studies and French literature at UCL. He then went on to study architecture at the Architectural Association followed by fashion studies at Central Saint Martins.

20 Questions for Razan Alazzouni – Saudi Arabia’s Fashion Phenom

Razan Azzouni

Feminine. Flowing. Elegant. Sculptural. Whimsical and playful. These are the kinds of epithets one hears or reads when Ms Razan Alazzouni’s designs are being discussed. Worn by celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Emma Roberts, Ashley Tisdale, Giuliana Rancic, Anna Sophia

Inside the Studio with Rory Hutton

Rory Hutton - Inside the Studio

Rory Hutton is an Irish born fashion designer. After interning at Vivienne Westwood and Hardy Amies, he has recently started his own label. He now works and lives in London. On arriving at the Wimbledon studio of Rory Hutton, its

Interview with Sofia Al Asfoor

Sofia Al Asfoor

Touted as the Middle East’s first luxury handbag designer, Bahraini native Sofia Al Asfoor is quickly taking the GCC  by storm. With her timeless designs combined and quality leathers, statement bright colours and a vision to help women express their individuality,

Interview with the Beljafla Sisters – DAS Collection


Reem and Hind Beljafla are the sisters behind one of the UAE’s most prolific abaya fashion labels, DAS Collection, which is renowned for creating unique and fashion forward updates to this traditional dress, whilst still honoring its heritage and conservatism.

5 Minutes With: Ricardo Cavolo

5W+1H = Ricardo Cavolo

Art, tattoos and outcasts. Russian palaces, treasure chests and skulls. Hearts (for commitment), eyes (for absorbing what’s around and exists with/in us) and fire, always fire (for passion). These stories are presented in pictures and tell us about the so

Interview with Jordanian Illustrator Mike V. Derderian

Interview with Mike Derderian

With its parliament-al fiascos plastered across news broadcasts around the region, a consistently turbulent economy and a surprisingly struggling tourism industry, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan seems like a far cry from the Western, or even Gulf-based, artistic richness and