Cover 74, Unfinished Sketchbook/ASOVF: The Bloggers Issue Alternative Cover

Oct 24 2009


A Shaded View on Fashion – “Sketchbook Magazine – The Blogger Issue”


Date: October 23, 2009 Title: Sketchbook Magazine The Blogger Issue as seen on Diane Pernet’s Blog A Shaded View on Fashion Review: Dear Shaded Viewers,The London based independent magazine, SKETCHBOOK, showcasing new creative talents in fashion , design and culture mentions Sketchbook Magazine

Oct 23 2009 #2

Review: It’s a fairly little known fact that many Bahrainis are, for a fact, very fashionably ambitious. And it depresses me to see such talent go to waste. But what really excites me the most is noticing such talents make

Coco Perez – “We’re Sketchy!”


Date: October 22, 2009 Title of Blog Post as seen on Perez Hilton’s Coco Perez blog: We’re Sketchy Review: This is pretty cool! We’ve just received a copy of the premier issue of Sketchbook Magazine, a London-based quarterly which aims

Sketchbook Magazine Review

Oct 21 2009

Review:There’s a new magazine on the block. And Sketchbook Magazine is nice enough to us bloggers to dedicate their 2-parts 1st issue to us Better yet, Susie Bubble, ‘arguably the reigning queen of the fashion blogosphere’, is the cover girl,

Style Bubble – “Ready For The Twin?”

Date : October 19th, 2009 Title of Blog Post :Ready for the Twin? I was thinking I might be slowing down on the new magazine front but actually there has been a flux of new super-focused, fairly niche-led publications on

Rachel Lewis – “Sketchbook Magazine”


Date: September 26, 2009Illustrator Rachel Lewis Blogs about Sketchbook Magazine Feature: I came across this magazine a couple of weeks ago, through Style Bubble. The first issue has a feature on her, all about fashion bloggers, and that’s a drawing

London Fashion Week On/Off Show

Sep 19 2009

    Stills from Fashion TV – London Fashion Week On/Off Show Editor in Chief Wafa Alobaidat and Features Editor Luma Bashmi

Stylist & the City


Date: September 18th 2009 Stylist Anna Look snaps Sketchbook Editors at LFW — with Anne Look.