Style Bubble – “Sketch Me”


Date: September 7th,2009Cover Girl Susie Bubble from Style Bubble writes review on Sketchbook Magazine

John Paul Thurlow – “Cover 74 Alternative Version”

John Paul Thurlow

Date: August 16th 2009 John Paul Thurlow blogs about the process of designing the alternative cover of Sketchbook MagazineAt last it’s done. Thank you Wafa (editor in chief of Sketchbook magazine) for being incredibly patient with me and for being

Dazed & Confused Magazine


Date: August 13 2009Dazed and Confused Magazine facebooks Sketchbook Magazine

John Paul Thurlow

John Paul Thurlow-2

Date: July 28th, 2009Cover Artist John Paul Thurlow sketches the first draft of Sketchbook MagazineSuggested by Wafa. For Wafa.