If you would like to have your work published in Sketchbook, we’d love to hear from you. Sketchbook welcomes submissions from illustrators, artists, graphic designers, photographers and writers.

Although we are unable to pay for written work, illustration or photography, we can offer a great platform to publicise your work and build awareness. Credits, links and full copyright will of course be given where appropriate.

In the past contributors have always supplied us with their work free of charge in the interest of self-promotion and supporting an independent publication that celebrates emerging talents and innovation.

Submission guidelines

If you are submitting a new project that hasn’t been published before, e-mail us 5-10 JPEGS (of at least 1000 pixels) along with supporting text and links where appropriate (not over 200 words).

Please do not send unsolicited PDFs, zipped images, links to FTP sites or file sharing sites, or very large files. If you must send zipped files or links to downloadable files, please send a few sample images in your email that best summarise your project.

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Please refrain from submitting any content that might be considered abusive, obscene, illegal, defamatory, or factually inaccurate, as such content will not be published.

Remember that you are fully responsible for all content you submit to us and you accept liability for any actions relating to the content.

Thank you for giving us a look into your Sketchbook.