As we are independent society, we rely on various sources of funding for its including private donors, corporate sponsors and a range of public and private institutions. There are several ways to support us, and many benefits and privileges available in return for your generosity.

As well as a host of incentive prizes, donors will also be acknowledged and thanked on our sponsors’ page.

Friend – (BD 100-500)

For a donation of BD 100 up to 500 a year or more, we will send you a Sketchbook goody bag.

Buddy – (BD 500 – 1000)

For a donation of BD 500 up to 1000, we will send you a Sketchbook tote bag as well as a custom framed illustration with the name of your choice.

Bestie – (BD 1000 -5000)

For a donation of BD 1000 or more you will recieve :

  • A sketchbook goody bag
  • A custom framed illustration
  • Your name on a plaque on the website
  • A blog post dedicated to you

Event Sponsorship

For donations for a specific event or exhibition, sponsors will be acknowledged and thanked in the promotional supports of the event. The nature of the event or exhibition will determine our request for donations.