Illustrator’s Portfolio 151: Jessica Townsend


Age: 33 Nationality: English Living in: London   What is in your sketchbook? An eclectic mix of things! I love working with type, drawing children’s characters and fashion illustrations so I tend to have a stock pile of vastly different drawings most of

Sketchbook Scribble #3: Markets, Souqs and Bazaars, Oh my!

Reem Al Hajri's Scribble

During December, Sketchbook is drawing from an age old tradition that’s been going strong since the civilised world came to be. The outdoor market has recently been over shadowed by the contemporary indoor shopping mall, however it has been a

Illustrator’s Portfolio 148: Dynamic Duo Athlay Anderson

Athlay Anderson

Athlay Anderson is the pseudonym of creative partners Dakshaja Atlay and Kamaira Anderson. Age: Dakshaja 23, Kamaira 30 Nationalty: Dakshaja Indian, Kamaira British Living In: Dakshaja Nagpur, India; Kamaira Birmingham, UK Whats in Your Sketchbook? Dakshaja: I recently received birthday gifts in

The Unseen – Inside the Sketchbook of Sarah Sajid

The Unseen - Sarah Sajid

Graphic and Media Design student Sarah Sajid was kind enough to give us an exclusive look into her Sketchbook where she documented the evolution of her latest project entitled “The Unseen”.  I began this project a few months ago and

Ten Cent Dime: An Illustrated Journey of Life in The Big Apple

Ten Cents One Dime

I started tencentdime after living in New York for nearly 8 months. There are so many crazy and unbelievable things that happen in this city (both good and bad) and one day I was like, I have to draw these

COMPETITION: Minnie Goes to London Fashion Week – VOTING

Minnie Mouse LFW

A huge thank you to all the illustrator’s who entered our Minne Goes to London Fashion Week competition! We were overwhelmed with entries and are still ooh-ing and ah-ing over all the beautiful illustrations that came our way. It wasn’t

Illustrator’s Portfolio 146: SARAH HANKINSON

Illustrator's Portfolio 146 Sarah Hankinson

  Age: 30 Nationality: Australian Living in: Melbourne What is in your sketchbook? Watercolour samples, quickly drawn ideas and reference images. I tend to go straight into final drawings so don’t use my sketchbook as frequently as I should! Where do you

Batman in Fantasy – Illustration Series by Scott Nellis

Batman in Fantasy Illustration Series

Diehard Batman fans in the region can finally sleep easy, as the past Eid-Al-Fitr weekend saw the release of the highly anticipated final installment of the series across the GCC. The Dark Knight Rises has been described as a film

Illustrator’s Portfolio 145: JORDAN WESTER

Illustrator's Portfolio 145- Jordan Wester

Age: 39 Nationality: American Living in: San Francisco, CA What is in your sketchbook?  My sketches are actually really sketchy. I try to get down the basic idea first, the gesture or movement, which is funny because my finished work

Interview with Jordanian Illustrator Mike V. Derderian

Interview with Mike Derderian

With its parliament-al fiascos plastered across news broadcasts around the region, a consistently turbulent economy and a surprisingly struggling tourism industry, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan seems like a far cry from the Western, or even Gulf-based, artistic richness and