Illustrator’s Portfolio 148: Dynamic Duo Athlay Anderson

Athlay Anderson

Athlay Anderson is the pseudonym of creative partners Dakshaja Atlay and Kamaira Anderson. Age: Dakshaja 23, Kamaira 30 Nationalty: Dakshaja Indian, Kamaira British Living In: Dakshaja Nagpur, India; Kamaira Birmingham, UK Whats in Your Sketchbook? Dakshaja: I recently received birthday gifts in

Illustrator’s Portfolio 147: DAVID ISTIVAN

David Istivan Illustrator's Portfolio

Age: 30 Nationality: Hungarian Living in: Slovenia/Romania   What is in your sketchbook? My sketchbook consists of sheets of paper spread all around my studio and constantly changing. Depending on the mood and projects I am sketching they range from expressive portraits from everyday

Illustrator’s Portfolio 146: SARAH HANKINSON

Illustrator's Portfolio 146 Sarah Hankinson

  Age: 30 Nationality: Australian Living in: Melbourne What is in your sketchbook? Watercolour samples, quickly drawn ideas and reference images. I tend to go straight into final drawings so don’t use my sketchbook as frequently as I should! Where do you

Illustrator’s Portfolio 145: JORDAN WESTER

Illustrator's Portfolio 145- Jordan Wester

Age: 39 Nationality: American Living in: San Francisco, CA What is in your sketchbook?  My sketches are actually really sketchy. I try to get down the basic idea first, the gesture or movement, which is funny because my finished work

Illustrator’s Portfolio 144: KULVINDER DHILLON

Illustrator's Portfolio 144- Kulvinder Dhillon

Age: 28 Nationality: British Living in: London What is in your sketchbook? I don’t have much of a sketchbook, just hundreds of loose sheets of paper. Where do you illustrate? Mostly, I illustrate in my living room on any bit

Illustrator’s Portfolio 143: KRIS KEYS

Illustrator's Portfolio 143- Kris Keys

Age: 26 Nationality: American Living in: London What is in your sketchbook? A combination of sketches from recent trips to museums, people on the train, random thoughts, doodles, nude people from life drawing, and a lot of splashes of watercolour paint. Where do

Illustrator’s Portfolio 142: HAYLEY WARNHAM

Illustrator's Portfolio 142 HAYLEY WARNHAM

Age: 25 Nationality: British Living in: Milton Keynes   What is in your sketchbook? I always remember being told that a sketchbook should be treated as an extension of yourself, and since graduating from my degree I’ve always tried to stick to that

Illustrator’s Portfolio 141: GILES MEAD

Illustrator's Portfolio 141 - GILES MEAD

Here at Sketchbook headquarters, we are constantly sifting through some illustrator portfolios. With so much stunning work landing on our desks these days, we’ve decided to spotlight some of our favourites once a week. Age: 22 Nationality: British Living in: Bristol  

Illustrator’s Portfolio 137: GEMMA MILLY


Age: 30 Nationality: British Living in:  South East England   What is in your sketchbook? My sketchbook is a mixture of scribbles, notes, and thoughts – I use it to quickly record ideas before I forget, so there’s not really much logic to it.

Illustrator’s Portfolio 136: ADRIANA KRAWCEWICZ


Age: 24 Nationality: Polish Living in: Warsaw, soon in London   What is in your sketchbook? girls, people from streets and magazines, doodles from outer mind     Where do you illustrate? mostly at home… so my creativity and ideas don’t wander away