The Girl Behind Fyunka – Exclusive Interview with Alaa Balkhy

Sketchbook Fyunka Feature

Innovative. Entrepreneur. Designer. Sketchbook was ecstatic to interview the girl behind Fyunka, Alaa Balkhy. Tell me about yourself. I was born in Jeddah but grew up in Canada. I lived there for nine years. My father is a doctor and

5 Minutes With: Ricardo Cavolo

5W+1H = Ricardo Cavolo

Art, tattoos and outcasts. Russian palaces, treasure chests and skulls. Hearts (for commitment), eyes (for absorbing what’s around and exists with/in us) and fire, always fire (for passion). These stories are presented in pictures and tell us about the so

Interview with Jordanian Illustrator Mike V. Derderian

Interview with Mike Derderian

With its parliament-al fiascos plastered across news broadcasts around the region, a consistently turbulent economy and a surprisingly struggling tourism industry, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan seems like a far cry from the Western, or even Gulf-based, artistic richness and

Interview with Ahmed Al-Refaie

Interview With Ahmed Al-Refaie

By day, Ahmed Al-Refaie is a creative director, but the Kuwaiti native is also an incredible digital artist and graphic designer with a truly unique style. We caught up with Ahmed to find out just what makes him (and his

Iman Pasha: Fashion’s Super-Woman


How Iman Pasha manages her time to do what she does bewilders me. The endless list of collaborations, designers, events and shopping that she invests her time in somehow questions the boundaries of time and space and human achievement. When