A Tradition Continued: Souk Al Mubarkiya – Kuwait

Souk Al Mubarrakiya

“Ask him where is he from?” I prompted my translator, Farida, who I bought along for good measure, although I spoke the native language fairly well. Farida translated the question to the shopkeeper, who appeared to be in his late

Confashions’ Confessions – An Exclusive Interview with Kuwait’s Top Fashion Blogger

Confashions From Kuwait

In a blogosphere saturated with self-promoting, PR-savvy clothes horses, the anonymous author of Confashions from Kuwait is a breath of fresh air. Offering an inimitable take on style from a region with a growing appetite and aptitude for fashion, she’s

Haha-ka-tha: Kuwait’s Zahed Sultan Laughs his Way to Stardom

Zahed Sultan

If you’re not familiar with the name Zahed Sultan, here’s a major heads up on one of the Arabian Gulf’s brightest emerging talents. With his finger on the pulse of the creative industry’s buzzword, ‘transmedia’, the ‘Like This,’ or ‘Ha-ka-tha,’

Interview with Ahmed Al-Refaie

Interview With Ahmed Al-Refaie

By day, Ahmed Al-Refaie is a creative director, but the Kuwaiti native is also an incredible digital artist and graphic designer with a truly unique style. We caught up with Ahmed to find out just what makes him (and his