Meeting Mikey: More Than Just a Music Agent

mikey feature image

  Who is Mikey Malak? Mikey is a 27 year old French/Egyptian music agent and manager. Currently working at Coda Agency in London and for his own company, The Network Group, on artists from the electronic and urban worlds. He

Breaking The Sound Barrier – Meet Hasan Hujairi

Hasan Hujairi

Hasan, for those who do not know you, could you please tell us a little about yourself and your work?  I am a sound artist and independent researcher from Bahrain. My activity involves performing some of my experimental sound art

Haha-ka-tha: Kuwait’s Zahed Sultan Laughs his Way to Stardom

Zahed Sultan

If you’re not familiar with the name Zahed Sultan, here’s a major heads up on one of the Arabian Gulf’s brightest emerging talents. With his finger on the pulse of the creative industry’s buzzword, ‘transmedia’, the ‘Like This,’ or ‘Ha-ka-tha,’

Introducing Cornelia And Her Aquarius Dreams


Every so often here at Sketchbook, we get a rare opportunity to meet someone who, in our humble opinion, would be classed as a real rising star. So when we met briefly with a Swedish artist named Cornelia (at a New Year

Ones to Watch 2011: The Bilderberg Group


Towards the end of last year (which already seems so long ago), Sketchbook decided to put some feelers out and kept our ears to the ground, as we set out in search of some up and coming talent who we

A night on the Thames with Gabby Young


Some things are beautiful on its own: a great song; a nice melody; an evening with friends; a warm summer night; the lights of London over the calmed waters of the river Thames… Every once in a while there’s a

Clothes Show Live Friday


A fine hour went into spray-painting ‘CARNABY MUSIC FESTIVAL’ in silver block capitals, not taking into consideration the amount of time it took to carefully line each letter with a thin black shadow. However during Sketchbook’s live music sessions on Friday



What’s your real name? Isabelle Lawrence AKA Izzy Electric What are you? I’m a professional DJ and presenter What sort of music do you play? Anything that gets the dancefloor going. I’m into dubstep, electronica and anything soulful. What made