Obai & Hill launches in Bahrain


Obai & Hill is part leader part creator. Our collective mission is to create and share innovative concepts and solutions through the use of social media. Our arrangement also directs us in managing Sketchbook illustrative magazine and their many corporate

Harvey Nichols Loves Lula Magazine


Lula magazine has recently launched its long-awaited inaugural pop-up shop in Harvey Nichols’ newly revamped concept space on the 4th Floor, to celebrate the magazine’s 5th birthday. Lula magazine, the brainchild of ex-Vogue staffers Leith Clark and Becky Smith, burst

Sketchbook Magazine at Pecha Kucha Night, Bahrain


Pecha Kucha. 20 x 20. Your life in 6.40 minutes. Start! To some, this line may make all the sense (albeit those some being architects and a few scattered creatives) while others are likely to drop you worried or concerned

Louis Vuitton’s New Bond Street Maison


For all those a bit out of the store opening loop, New Bond Street saw the opening of the latest in the Louis Vuitton chain of stores, boutiques and elegant maisons. Last Tuesday the world of fashion and celebrity glitterati



The Live Issue concept was the brainchild of KATIE BURKES and SUSIE O’BRIEN, two final year students at University for the Creative Arts, Epsom. The pair, both studying Fashion Promotion & Imaging, decided to collaborate with eachother, in order to

Aruta gets interactive at the Paper Eaters collaboration at Selfridges


A little gem on the ground floor of Selfridges is the magical world created by the lovely editors of THE PAPER EATERS MAGAZINE, Zoë Sinclair and Andrea Blood. This collaboration with The Photographers Gallery and Selfridges is unique and embraces

For the blind man in the dark room looking for the black cat that isn’t there


Decoding all the little symbols and latent meanings in art is fun. One of the reasons I love art so much is for that little eureka moment where I think I’ve understood something. Despite this constant quest for understanding, some

Decode: Digital Design Sensations, V&A


Looking back over the introductory decade of the twenty-first century, Decode: Digital Design Sensations comes as a strikingly relevant punctuation point to the last month of the naughties. In an era during which technology has advanced at such a rate

Design Real at the Serpentine Gallery


This month, London’s Serpentine Gallery plays host to Design Real, an exhibition of mass produced objects that, as decided by the curator, KONSTANTIN GRCIC, are not only effectively fulfilling their purpose but “the purpose itself has to be good”. With

Dual Purpose at the Assembly


“Dual purpose” can be somewhat of a dirty word in the design industry. Frequently conjuring up images of nonsensical late night shopping channel adverts and baffling design hybrids, take, for instance, Thirst Aid’s Beer Hat. A globally recognised drinking cap,